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Package Notifications

If you sign up for notifications on specific packages or countries, we will occasionally send you short, relevant emails about those packages, including new seasons and departures, itinerary changes, discounts, and more. The number of emails you receive depends upon the number of packages or countries for which you request notifications.

These emails are separate from and in addition to our newsletter, to which you may also subscribe.

Your privacy: Here's what you should know about our mailing list:

We will not sell your contact information to anyone. For any reason. Ever.

Our mailing list is managed by our trusted partner Mailchimp, one of the world's most popular and trusted email service providers. You can review Mailchimp's Privacy Policy.

Should you wish at any point to unsubscribe from any of our emails, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of the emails. You may also fill out this form or contact us to unsubscribe entirely from our mailing list. When you unsubscribe (or are automatically purged from our lists due to undeliverability), we retain your information indefinitely on a separate list to ensure that your unsubscribe request is respected and/or that you are not inadvertently re-subscribed. Should you wish for your information to be completely deleted from our mailing lists, including our unsubscribed list, please contact us and we will promptly honor your request.

If you open our emails or click any links in them, Mailchimp may try to automatically determine your preferred email client, preferred language, and approximate location.

We may occasionally use our mailing list, in conjunction with our partners, to create "lookalike" audiences to improve our ability to reach potential customers with similar interests. Mailchimp may use your information for the uses described in their Privacy Policy. Note that we have opted out of Mailchimp's "data analytics projects."

Of course, if you've purchased travel, submitted a request for proposal, or contacted us with a question or request, we may contact you separately in relation to those. To learn more about how we collect, use, and safeguard your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.