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Small Group Tour Japan Panorama
Tokyo, Japan's modern heart, iconic Mt. Fuji, the world heritage temples & gardens of Kyoto, Nara & Osaka; stay in deluxe 4 & 5 star hotels
$4399 w/ Flights 10 days
per person, double occupancy*
Independent Package Orient Adventure
Singapore, Tokyo & Hong Kong; discover the history, art, religion & cuisine of 3 Asian cities on your own; flights, hotel & city tours included
from $2999 w/ Flights 12 days
per person, double occupancy*
Independent Package Singapore & Tokyo Adventure
Modern mixes with traditional in Tokyo, plus explore the cultures of Singapore; travel on your own with flights, hotel & city tours included
from $2399 w/ Flights 9 days
per person, double occupancy*
Independent Package Tokyo Express
Take in modern Tokyo: Tokyo Tower, Sensoji Temple & Imperial Gardens; explore on your own with flights, deluxe hotel & city tour included
from $1899 w/ Flights 7 days
per person, double occupancy*

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Fast Facts

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Capital: Tokyo
Population:  127 million
Currency: Japanese yen (JPY)
Languages: Japanese
Drives on the: Left
Time zone: JST (UTC +9)

Entry requirements

U.S. citizens must have a passport which is valid for at least 90 days after your return date, though we strongly recommend at least six months. U.S. passport holders do not need a visa to enter Japan for stays up to 90 days. See the U.S. Dept. of State website for more information.

If you do not hold a U.S. passport, please see the entry requirements.

More information about passport, visa & entry requirements.

Health Precautions & Vaccinations

Immunizations are not currently required for travel to Japan.  However, you may wish to consult your doctor regarding any concerns or recommendations prior to departure. 

Note: Many over-the-counter cold medicines like Vicks Inhalers and Sudafed contain small amounts of amphetamines and are illegal in Japan. 

Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization


Temperatures vary in Japan depending on location.  During the months of May and October, the temperature averages in the 70’s.  During the months of July through September, the temperature is generally in the 80’s.  In November, the temperature is in the 60’s.  The winter is very cold. 

What to wear

You will spend most of your time touring, and if you have two pairs of comfortable (broken in, not brand new) walking shoes, by all means, take both pairs. Shoes with good traction are also recommended.  Packing to dress in layers is another way to prepare for a variety of weather conditions. Natural fabrics such as cotton are particularly comfortable in the warm, dry climates.  Please be sure to pack a hat to protect you from the sun. Overnight temperatures are cooler, so pack a light sweater to keep you warm during the evenings, and an umbrella or a poncho for the unexpected rain that may come your way. You will be required to take off your shoes when visiting some temples. Finally, remember that comfort and convenience should dictate your wardrobe for the tour, and casual clothes are in order for most every occasion as you travel. 

Money & Credit Cards

The official currency in Japan is the Yen.  Hotels and some stores and restaurants accept major credit cards.  For “street shopping,” you will need the local currency.  Many ATMs do not accept credit/debit cards that are issued outside of Japan.  Notify your bank prior to departure to avoid problems using your credit or debit card abroad.

Always notify your bank prior to departure to avoid any problems using your credit or debit card abroad.


Japan has a wide range of items that will appeal to a variety of tastes and budgets.  From high-end items such as porcelain to local packaged seaweed, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to shop for one-of-a-kind items you can’t find anywhere else!  

The best items to shop for in Japan are pearls, silks, pottery, cloisonné, lanterns, furniture, lacquerware, dolls, red coral, cameras, karate gear, green tea, carp kites, Imari porcelain, good-luck charms from shrines, and packaged seaweed. 

Electricity & Power Adapters

You will need a voltage converter and plug adapter in order to use U.S. appliances.  We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit. The electrical current in Japan is 100 volts with 50 cycles; the plugs are A and B.

Learn more about electrical standards around the world.

Cell Phones & Internet

Want to take your cell phone, tablet or laptop, but not sure how to get cell service or wifi? See our blog posts on using your cell phone abroad and the top 5 ways to get Internet abroad.