From world-renowned Port wine, to handmade tiles exclusive to Portugal, to the city of Fatima, a religious epicenter for pilgrims, it is an authentic European country–but with fewer crowds! Portugal’s temperate climate makes it an enjoyable place to visit year-round. Whether you are wandering through historic city squares admiring the ornate architecture, or experiencing traditional Fado music and Flamenco dancing as you cruise the Douro River, Portugal has something to satisfy the desires of any traveler!

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Small Group Tour Best of Portugal
Porto & its famous wine, the university town of Coimbra, Fatima & medieval Obidos, then enchanting Lisbon with a day trip to fairy-tale Sintra
from $3399 w/ Flights from $2899 Tour Only 10 days
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  1. Porto

    PortoThis beautiful coastal city boasts colorful, historic buildings and extravagant bridges. Its namesake Port wine is made here, housed in various cellars along the Douro River. After a day of tasting and touring, experience some of Porto’s diverse nightlife! Spend time relaxing on the serene beaches, or cruise along the Douro River and dive deeper into the wine region.

  2. Lisbon

    Belem Tower, LisbonPortugal’s seaside capital exhibits a perfect blend of old and new. The medieval architecture and vintage trams found in this City of the Sea will surely enchant any traveler! Climb the Torre de Belem, a fort built on the Tagus River during the reign of Manuel I. Constructed from limestone, the exterior includes intricate details and watchtowers. In 1983, the Torre de Belem received the title “Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO. Experience the modern elements of Lisbon with a visit to the Parque das Nacoes (Park of Nations). The area was designed to establish Portugal as a modern, forward-thinking democracy. Here, you can find Lisbon's Oceanarium, the second largest aquarium in Europe, where ocean habitats from around the world coexist in one environment.

  3. Wine tasting

    Wine cellar, PortoNo trip to Portugal is complete without a tour and tasting of its famous wine! Fortunately, there are plenty of wineries scattered across multiple regions, so you will have ample opportunities to stop and sample the local wine. Our Best of Portugal tour includes a visit to a wine cellar and tasting, so you get a first-hand experience of the art of Portuguese wine-making. Or, venture on your own and discover amazing wine cellars where passionate wine-makers will tell you their unique stories. Visit Croft Port, a wine cellar with more than 400 years of history and producer of the first pink port wine in the world! Stroll through the Burmester Wine Cellars, located near the bottom deck of the Dom Luis I Bridge. After a tour and tasting, take a relaxing cable car ride for a birds-eye-view of your surroundings. Don’t forget your camera!

  4. Fado music

    Fado musician photo by Alain RouillerFado music originated in Lisbon, Portugal and dates back nearly 2 centuries. You can listen to this soulful music in cafes, pubs, and restaurants throughout the country. “Fado” (which literally translates to “fate”) beautifully expresses stories of daily hardship in a melancholic tune. There are two genres of Fado music, with Lisbon Fado being the most popular. Casa de Linhars and O Faia are two restaurants in Lisbon that are renowned for their Fado music.

  5. Sanctuary of Fatima

    The Sanctuary of FatimaThe Sanctuary of Fatima, located in the city of Fatima, is comprised of two chapels and a basilica. It is the fourth-largest Catholic pilgrimage site in the world, and draws between 5 – 6 million visitors every year. The grounds mark the approximate location where three shepherd children, Lucia Santos and Jacinta and Francisco Marto, saw apparitions of an angel and the Virgin Mary. During the Marian apparitions of 1917, the Virgin Mary revealed 3 secrets to the children, the third of which was not revealed until 1960. On October 13, 1917 the sun “danced,” fulfilling Mary’s promise to the children that she would perform a miracle. More than 70,000 people witnessed the phenomenon. Today, the Sanctuary of Fatima serves as a reminder of the incredible events that took place there more than 100 years ago.

Fast Facts

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Capital: Lisbon
Population:  10.35 million
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Languages: Portuguese
Drives on the: Right
Time zone: WET (UTC 0)

Entry requirements Please see our Entry Requirements page.
Staying Healthy

Immunizations are not currently required for travel to Portugal. However, you may wish to consult your personal physician regarding any concerns, or for health recommendations. 

Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization


The weather in Portugal can be described as warm, temperate Mediterranean climate as influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and northern Africa. Portugal is also one of the warmest and has the highest rainfalls in Europe. In the northern part of the country, the weather is cool and rainy while in the south, weather is warm and sunnier. The average weather in Porto during summer, from June to mid-September is in the high 70’s. From mid-September to November, the weather is mild and rain becomes more visible. The wettest period is from November to March. During winter, from December to February, the average temperature is in the 50’s while the average temperature during the spring, from March to May is in the 60’s.

What to wear

Since weather can be unpredictable and to be sure you are comfortable during your trip and prepared for all types of weather possibilities, we suggest that you carry a small folding umbrella or a poncho and take with you a light jacket or sweater. If you have two pairs of comfortable (broken in, not brand new) walking shoes, by all means, take both pairs. Packing to dress in layers is another way to prepare for a variety of weather conditions. Finally, remember that comfort and convenience should dictate your wardrobe for the tour, and casual clothes are in order for most every occasion as you travel.


A small gratuity to your guides and drivers will be greatly appreciated by them. The recommended amount is 4 Euros per person for the local guide and 2 Euro per person per day for the driver on optional day tours. We also recommend to tip the transfer personnel 4 Euro per person per transfer. Please note that gratuities should be in Euros cash. In general, tipping is, of course, a personal matter and an expression of your satisfaction with services provided to you.

Money & Credit Cards

The currency in Portugal is the Euro. Hotels and some stores accept major credit cards. Credit cards are the most convenient way to pay for items you purchase as you travel. Be sure to call your credit card providers to let them know you will be traveling abroad, the places you’ll be visiting and the dates of your trip. This is important for your own protection. Some hotels will be able to exchange your cash for local currency. You may also use the ATM machines to get cash in local currency. Traveler’s checks are no longer widely accepted. If you intend to use traveler’s checks, please verify that they are accepted in the countries visited on this tour.

Always notify your bank prior to departure to avoid any problems using your credit or debit card while traveling.


Shop for wine, olive oil, azulejos (colorful ceramic tiles), earthenware, faience (particularly from Coimbra), leather goods (including shoes), antiques, gold and silver filigree (particularly from Minho Province and Oporto), cataplanas (clamshell-shaped copper pans for cooking shellfish and stews), lace, Madeiran embroidery, cork items, Portuguese guitars, and Arraiolos rugs.

Electricity & Power Adapters

230 volts. Plugs C & F. You will need a voltage converter and plug adapter in order to use U.S. appliances. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit.

Learn more about electrical standards around the world.

Cell Phones & Internet

Want to take your cell phone, tablet or laptop, but not sure how to get cell service or wifi? See our blog posts on using your cell phone abroad and the top 5 ways to get Internet abroad.


Cameras and video recorders are allowed almost everywhere, and in fact, you will want to take plenty of pictures of the magnificent panoramas you’ll encounter as you travel. Photography is generally permitted everywhere except at airports and military installations. Memory cards for digital cameras will also be readily available, especially in major cities.

Did you know?
  • Famed Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama was the first person to sail to India by way of the Atlantic Ocean in 1497 - 1499.
  • Wine tourism is a thing in Portugal! You can experience everything from a cellar tour and tasting to a vinotherapy treatment (consisting of wine products, like grapes) at a wine spa!
  • Portugal has 16 Cultural and 1 Natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • 25th April Bridge, which draws striking resemblance to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, is a two-level suspension bridge over the Tagus River that transports cars on the top level and trains on the lower level.
  • Today, Coimbra is a beautiful riverside town with buildings rising majestically on its hills, complete with charming cobblestone streets. But during the High Middle Ages, it served as the country’s capital.
  • Portugal was established in 1143 AD, making it one of the oldest countries in Europe.


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