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Advance Seat Reservations

How are seats assigned on my flights?

For our packages that include flights, we do not usually assign seats. The airline typically assigns your seats within 24 hours of departure, either when you check in at the counter or during online check-in (if available).

Can I request specific seats ahead of time?

Yes, in most cases. Requests for specific seat assignments more than 24 hours before departure are allowed by most of our airline partners. These are known as “Advance Seat Reservations.” But like most domestic airlines, many international airlines now charge fees for advance seat reservations in economy class. (These fees usually do not apply to business or first class, and are often waived for elite members of their frequent flyer programs.) Any such fees are not included in your package price.

Usually, the sooner you request a seat assignment, the more options you have. Airlines do their best to honor seating requests, but such requests are generally not guaranteed due to possible last minute changes in aircraft or operational requirements.

So how do I make an Advance Seat Reservation?

If you have a seat preference, let us know when you book, in the special requests section, or email us at [email protected] after you book. Then:

  • If the airline does not charge a fee, we will happily help you reserve your preferred seats.
  • If the airline does charge a fee, you will need to request your seats directly from the airline and pay the fee to them. We'll provide you with their contact information and the approximate cost. If we have not already issued your flight tickets, we'll usually need to do that before you can make an advance seat reservation. For some packages, we issue tickets immediately after you book, but for most, we issue tickets only after we receive your final payment.
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