About Our Package Prices

Our tours & packages are a great value, because we negotiate very special wholesale rates with our suppliers based on volume purchases, which are far better than prices you could get on your own. And we make it easy for you, by bundling everything together, including most taxes and fees, into one easy price.

Price Guarantee

Once we have received your booking and deposit, and confirmed all components of your package, your package price is guaranteed. Should you later make any voluntary changes to your booking, your package price may change based on availability of flights, hotels or other components that were not part of your original booking.

Not Included

For most of our packages, unless otherwise noted, the following items are not included in the price:


All prices listed are in U.S. currency. Payments must be made in U.S. currency or a conversion fee may apply.

Questions about our pricing? Ask us for more details.

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